Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dead of Winter

This picture is from last week's "GOYA," an acronym a friend of mine made up to encourage himself to get out of his photography studio and take pictures. Sounds odd doesn't it? It makes perfect sense to photographers. We make photography our profession because we love it, then we spend all of our time in the office doing everything but making pictures. I am typing this at 6:07 AM, after an all-nighter editing a wedding, ordering prints from two portrait sessions, figuring out a new flash system to use a weddings this year, and figuring my GA sales tax. Sales tax, ugh, why did I sell so many prints around Christmas?

Anyhow, GOYA stands for something my mother wouldn't appreciate, but it is loosely translated "Get off your posterior." This little thing Zack started on a whim looks like it's going to become something. There are already quite a few photographers participating and a possibility of a gallery show coming from it.

My photos can be seen here.

Zack's main GOYA page is here.


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