Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hope Springs Eternal

I love it when something dawns on me. You know, when you finally figure out one of those nagging questions that seem to have no answer. Well, I finally understand why the Rolling Stones have so many ardent fans.

I grew up in a time when the Stones were singing "Start Me Up" and other very forgettable songs, which I have obviously forgotten. (Although I do vaguely remember something about standing in a doorway.) Marc Climie played a Stones classic from the 60's "Paint It, Black" for me. It's so clear now. Once a band does something great, people hold on to hope that they will eventually get it right again. Hope is a powerful thing; it has sold millions of records for Mick.


Blogger Marc said...

Don't forget that 60s Stones is a goldmine of music. A few:

Paint It, Black (obviously - best song ever recorded in the history of man)
Time Is On My Side
The Last Time
Get Off of My Cloud
19th Nervous Breakdown
Mother's Little Helper
Under My Thumb
I Am Waiting

And there are a few bright spots in the early 70s right at or before the decline. A couple:

Street Fighting
Dead Flower

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