Friday, September 07, 2007

Kim De Feis and Jeff Delbridge Wedding

Bene' and I photographed Kim De Feis and Jeff Delbridge's wedding this past Saturday September 1, 2007.
The wedding was held at Alpharetta First United Methodist, Aplpharetta, Georgia.
The reception was held at the Atlanta Athletic Club, Duluth, Georgia.

I have just uploaded Kim and Jeff's wedding preview to

I know a few people look at the pictures like this one in our galleries and wonder how on earth I got down on the floor in the front of the church to take them. The answer is that I put the camera under the front pew a couple of hours before the ceremony and then trip the shutter with a remote control. I was fortunate at Kim and Jeff's wedding to have a place to set a second remote camera from another angle.

Both of the preceding pictures were taken without my having to disturb anyone in the service by moving around to get a different angle.


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