Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Science of Photography Lesson

Daughter and I were outside in the dark, getting something out of my truck. She had her flashlight, then found my LED flashlight while waiting for me. I saw an opportunity to give her a little photo science lesson. (For you Brits, a flashlight is a torch.)

I asked her if she noticed anything different about the light. She said "Yes sir. My light is pink and yours is orange." "You are right, but, I mean the light that is shining from the flashlights." "Oh, mine is kind of yellow, and yours is blue." "That's right! OK, which of those colors is warm, and which is cool." She thought for a minute, looked at them again, and said "The yellow looks warm and the blue looks cool."

Pretty good for a pre-schooler. She'll be a photographer by the time she's in first grade.


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