Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Computers

Bought a new main computer today. First thing I noticed while shopping is how cheap a hopped up desktop is. No complaints here, just an observation. I got a Gateway with an AMD 4200+ X2 and 1GB of RAM for under $900. I will be ordering a new video card and 2GB of RAM from newegg tonight. In 3 or 4 days I will have a real screamer for just over $1.1K.

I'm typing this on the old computer while I am uninstalling all the junkware (AOL, Napster, MS Office trial version, etc.) All I will install on the new machine is Photoshop, Nikon View, and Irfan View.

We replaced Bene's computer last week with a $329Acer. $329? That's enough to buy a hard drive and Windows XP. It's just a Sempron 3300, but it's way more than she needs for reading PDFs and doing data entry.

Edited to add: I'll be installing Firefox and new anti virus, too. OK 5 programs. But I made up for it by ditching more junkware. MS imaging stuff, Gateway big fix, Real Player. Deleting Real Player was almost as much fun as deleting AOL.


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