Thursday, May 17, 2007

Windows Media Player 11 & Vista - Trouble Again

A while back I wrote about the trouble I had upgrading Windows Media Player from v10 to v11. I eventually rolled back to v10 because nothing I did made the songs I purchased from play in v11.

That fix was fine until lightning hit one of our computers. I needed a new notebook, and the one that got hit only runs some office applications so I bought a new notebook and pushed my old one down the line. The problem is that he new notebook has Vista, and the super-no-good Windows Media Player 11.

From what I can tell there is no fix. I've tried everything, even to downloading all of the music again through's store. This is supposed to fix it, but no.

So, I'm not buying any more music protected with Microsoft's DRM. I'm either buying the CD or getting my music from eMusic is great since the songs are much cheaper and they are plain-jane mp3 files. They have more indie and lesser known bands, but I'm getting to hear a lot of music I wouldn't have found otherwise. THe major label stuff they do have is super cheap. I paid $1 a song for my White Stripes music from, but I could have purchased their older stuff for $.33 a song from eMusic.

eMusic has a very good referral program. If I send you an invitation to join we each get 50 free songs. The only catch is I have to actually know you. So, if you know me and want to join, send me an e-mail and I'll send you the invite.