Thursday, December 09, 2010

Baby Portrait Lit With Flashlight

I don't usually make blog posts about portrait sessions. I like to keep them as private as possible until the families have been able to get their prints and give gifts (portraits always make great gifts for relatives) before they are plastered all over the wwww. By that time, it's been too long to post it as new work.

I did want to share this image with you for two reasons. 1) Look at that expression. 11 week old babies never give a photographer expressions like that. 2) This portrait was lit in an unconventional way.

The light source here is a Mini Maglite LED with the reflector removed. Maglite calls this "candle mode" because the flashlight looks like an electric candle. Very convenient when you need some light at your camp table, even more convenient when you need a continuous light source for a baby portrait.

The light is gaffer taped inside a small Chimera 9"x36" softbox.


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Showing off with your D3.

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