Saturday, March 10, 2007

Teaching Photography

The digital photography class I taught at the Locust Grove library on March 5 went well.

I took some questions at the end of the class, and it seems like the biggest problem people have is getting good color. This is good because there is an easy fix. All you have to do in most cases is to set the white balance on your camera to the appropriate light source.

Unless you have trained yourself to see color casts, your eyes lie to you about the color of light. We thing it's all white, but in reality it rarely is. The bulbs in your house give off a yellow-orange light, while the fluorescent tubes in the office are green. Daylight is white, unless you are in the shade which makes it a little bluer. Etc.

When talking about white balance, the "A" setting doesn't really mean "automatic." It means "Almost Always Wrong." Take a few seconds to change your setting and your pictures will improve instantly.

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I was asked by a home school group in Macon to teach a photography class this fall. I will post more details later about the class and how your children can attend if they are home schooled.


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