Saturday, October 22, 2005

So much for freedom of speech.

Quoted from the Henry Herald
"According to Roberts' testimony and the testimony of Henry County Police and Clayton County Police officers, Herman Eugene Talmadge III made inappropriate comments about Roberts' mother and attempted to insight a fight with the older man."

The story goes on to tell how the Talmedge was arrested and had to pay a $550 bond.

Now, I don't know the police officer's mother, and I think trying to start a fight with a 69 year old police officer by insulting the man's mother is a stupid and childish thing to do. But this is America. Or at least it was.

I better be careful. I don't want some Henry County official to read this and come knocking on my door.

Oh, Mr. Talmadge, your mother may not be a "No good (expletive deleted)" but it's evident she missed something raising you.


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