Friday, October 21, 2005

Stupid Stuff From DC

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens said Wednesday he plans to propose a $3 billion subsidy program to ensure older television sets still work when the transition to better quality, digital broadcasts is completed.

Stevens, an Alaska Republican, said the estimated cost of a box to convert the new digital signals back to analog so existing television sets continue to work is $50 each and he proposed the government subsidize $40 of that amount.

'We plan to provide a set-top everyone who has a TV that needs a box,' Stevens said at a luncheon sponsored by the Free Enterprise Fund. 'It may be we have to set a limit.'"

What is the Senator thinking? When did it become the government's job to buy everyone a converter box? Is there anyone who can not afford a $50 converter box given that they have from now until April of 2009 to save up for it? My 3 year old could save $50 in 3 years. The Democrats are crazy... wait, this guy is a Republican? Sounds to me like the GOP needs to send him some Great Communicator transcripts.


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